Part of Your Celebrations Since 1902


For the first 50 years, the business was an established bread bakery. The basement in the building was where most of the baking took place. Flour and other supplies were delivered to the shop via cellar doors in front while coal deliveries were made from First Avenue, where a coal truck would unload anthracite into a storage area by a coal shoot.

The coal was brought to the back of the building where it was used to feed a fire which in turn heated the ovens for baking bread. In the middle of the basement an oak bench was used where bakers worked their shifts, making bread for the local neighborhood. In the corner, a dumb waiter allowed items to be lifted between floors with the use of ropes and pulleys.

After nearly half a century of baking, the operation was moved to the upstairs of the building in the 1950's where the business has continued with the production of its breads, fine cakes and pastries to this day. One of the last legacies of Old Yorkville lives on and with a visit to this location, one can still see the hand crafted wood work and classic tile floor that will allow a customer to experience a unique piece of history in current day Manhattan.