About Us

  To order cakes for special occasions: stop in and see us at 87th and First Ave. Phone Number: (212)- 289 -2562  
  To order cakes for special occasions:  stop in and see us at 87th and First Ave. Phone Number:  (212)- 289 -2562  

Established April 2nd 1902


More than one hundred years ago John Herbert Glaser first opened Glaser's Bake Shop on 87th street and first Avenue. In the early 1900's the Bakery was established for mainly the production of bread. The original work shop (above) allowed for bread to be made 24/7., making this business fully operational. Bakers worked in shifts to meet the constant demand for bread and other baked goods while always trying our best to satisfy the needs of the customer.




 Today the bakery still stands at that same location serving many customers with it's fine cakes, pastries, cookies, and breads. For the last hundred-two years the Bakery has been a part of many celebrations and still continues to serve a countless number of customers.


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